Cancer in Our Community

The Need For
High Quality Care

Every year, nearly 600 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the town of Greenwich alone. That means that, on average, every week 10 people in Greenwich encounter the disruptive and life-altering impact of a new cancer diagnosis.
Cancer diagnoses throughout the region compound the need for high-quality care. For breast cancer alone, Fairfield County has the highest incidence of disease in the state of Connecticut, and Connecticut has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the country (American Cancer Society).

Local Care
In Our Community

The need for cancer care is expected to grow. In the next 10 years, nearly all cancer types show growth rates of between 20 and 26 percent – with breast, gynecological, and urologic cancers remaining the most prevalent in our region.
Garden outside hospital
Providing care locally, in the community where people live and work, is critical to the healing process.
Patients undergoing active cancer treatments don’t want to, and should not have to, endure the burden of traveling long distances to access these services – especially as cancer becomes more chronic in nature. Traffic, parking, long waits and travel times can serve to exacerbate the stress that patients are already experiencing with a cancer diagnosis.